How To Make Your Ads Stand Out

How To Make Your Ads Stand Out by Flex Urban

Today we talking Ads and we know that the internet is filled with a lot of content, sites, and businesses. More often than not you will be faced with a lot of competition. We are all fighting for people’s eyes and time, the best way to reach users is to have an ad that stands out. 

How To Make Your Ads Stand Out

  1. Have An Eye-Catching Ad – Great relevant keyword are great but in order to catch someone’s eye you need something that will make your ads unique and different. It’s always wise to include your unique value proposition, say you have a special or sale. Mention that in your ad such as “Free Delivery On All Sneakers”. This will make you stand out and make customers excited.
  2. Have A Clear Call To Action – This is normally the second line of your advert that clearly explains what the user must do after clicking on your ad. Something like “Buy Sneakers” is okay but vague, maybe try something “Select from our wide range of sneakers” is more engaging and explains in depth what the user will find on your site.

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Written by Nhlanhla Mazibuko

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