How To Have the Best Online Business Security Practices

Online Business Security

Almost every business and organization that uses the internet and has an online presence. Whether you running an internet company focusing on the web and Internet of Things or just mainly using an email with a small database online security is very important. I recently experienced a company fall victim to a ransomware attack and lost an entire year worth of work that included client files as well. So having proper protocols and training in your company is essential.  A great way to start for is to keep employees update to date with the latest company policies and guidance, as well as their own individual responsibilities. Make sure every employee is trained according to their positions in the company and how to respond in various different scenarios 

A couple of Things to Follow for Online Business Security

  1. Strong Passwords – it’s important to emphasize the use and selection of strong passwords, from company emails to other login details. This simple practice is can really a lot. Employees should also use different passwords; different means no more than one account can be accessed using one password. Make sure that passwords aren’t shared among employees.
  2. Be Vigilant of Phishing – Phishing is one of the most common ways that people get tricked into sharing personal information online. This is done by using email, ads, or sites designed to look like they come from legitimate businesses you already deal with. For example, you get an email from your bank to confirm your bank account number or Netflix asking you to reset your password. it’s important to remind your employees on the regular to be careful when clicking on email attachments, downloading files or visiting new URLs. Advise them not to click on links in unsolicited emails, and to look out for suspicious sender email addresses and email signature.

With keeping up with the training make sure employees have access to all the security guidelines and policies and make sure that you create a strong security culture within the company. This means letting employees know that whenever something wrong does happen, they can and should report immediately without the fear of being blamed or fired. Talking about security and listening to everyone’s concerns to help tighten things up within the firm.  


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